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1. A dog may not run at large and must be kept on a leash unless in a fenced area.


2. No more than three dogs and/or cats are allowed in a single residential unit.


3. Pet owners must remove any animal waste deposited by their pet on public or private property immediately.


4. All dogs and cats over 3 months of age must have shots protecting them against contracting rabies.


5. All dogs and cats must wear tags at all times.


6. Animals are prohibited on school grounds while school is in session, and in city parks and cemeteries at all times.


7. Owners must keep dogs and cats in a clean and sanitary area where they are adequately sheltered.


8. Owners must provide veterinarian care when needed.


9. Dogs barking, molesting passersby, chasing vehicles or attacking domestic animals is considered "creating a nuisance" and will result in a fine and/or impounding of the animal.


10. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly or recklessly abandon or neglect an animal.


11. It is unlawful for an owner to conceal animals from law enforcement officers.


12. It is unlawful to torture or kill animals.


If you have any questions pertaining to any rules, laws, and ordinances that you don't see here, please call MCAC Director, Alijah Hunter or Jason Speakman at (219) 874-3221 Ext. #309